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NUTALL OAK  Quercus nuttallii . Through the years nuttall oak has also been known as Q. nuttallii var. cachensis; Q. palustris f. nuttallii; Quercus shumardii subsp. texana; and Q. shumardii var. texana.

It has a nice burgandy color on the spring , and a red green color when going dormant.

Read more at: https://craven.ces.ncsu.edu/2021/11/nuttall-oak-new-name-same-tree-probably/?src=rss
makes a very nice shade tree. It may be the fastest growing of the Oaks. It is a tree well suited to many soil conditions. Tolerant to wet sites and moderate drought. The wildlife will love it as it drops later in the season when a lot of the other food sources are gone.  It is also resistant to verticillium wilt. It is also ultra wind resistant during storms. 

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