Our signature product that we grow is  Persimmons.

 Anything you can do with a peach you can do with a persimmon. They are a nutritious bright orange fruit with a sweet slight honey like flavor. A favorite among my grandchildren! 

We will have potted  trees throughout the year as long as the supply lasts.

If you need our wholesale price list contact us 850-391-2228 or email: info@advancednurserygrowers.com

We will have American Persimmons and all of the others listed below: 


Chocolate Persimmon-is a small to medium size oblong fruit with bright red skin. Sweet, spicy brown flesh with superb flavor. Tree will grow 12-15 ft. Ripens late October through November. Zones 7-10. Self-pollinating.

Fuyu Persimmon - also known as 'Fuyugaki'– is the most popular of all the persimmons we grow. A consistent producer of medium-sized (4.5 -6-ounce fruit.) The fruit is crisp, sweet, and mild and usually starts ripening around the first week of October and continues through November. The trees are vigorous growers that can reach a height of 15 ft. Zones 7-9.  'Fuyu' is highly recommended for north and north central Florida. Self-pollinating

Matsumoto-Wase-Fuyu- very much like the Fuyu except it ripens about two weeks ahead of the Fuyu, usually about mid-September. Consistently heavy bearer. Zones 7-9. Self-pollinating.

Giant Fuyu- Very large reddish-range fruit. The tree is vigorous but only grows to about 12 ft. It is a dependable bearer. Crunchy like Fuyu when ripe. Ripens late September and October. Zones 7-9. Self-pollinating.

Hana Fuyu – also known as 'Yotsundani', or 'Giant Fuyu' - A large reddish-orange fruit that is a squarish (4-lobed) and slightly flattened. Very sweet and crispy. Not a large grower (about 10 feet). Ripens mid-October. Zones 7-9. Self-pollinating

Ichi-Ke-Ke-Jiro- is a large dwarf-grower (10-12 feet) that produces a large, 4-lobed, slightly flattened, deep orange fruit that ripens in mid to late October. Zones 6-9

Maekawa-Jiro-one of the best tasting persimmons. Fruit is large, 4-lobed, slightly flattened-similar to the other Jiro types. Fruit ripens mid-October to mid-November. Semi dwarf tree (10 – 12 feet). Zones 7-9 Self-pollinating but will produce more/larger fruit with a Jiro (Fuyu) nearby.

Jiro- considered to be one of the most cold-hardy non-astringent persimmons. The fruit is large, 4-lobed, slightly flattened and a beautiful orange-red color. Trees are more upright compared to the other Jiro types. Fruit ripens mid-October to mid-November. Zones 6-9. Self-pollinating.

Gwang Yang Korean persimmon coming soon . . .


Giombo- the fruit of Giombo is a large-much like Hachiya. Fruit has a smooth texture and is very sweet, much like the Saijo persimmon. Trees will grow more than 15 ft. Ripens mid-October through November. Zones 7-9. Self-pollinating.

Great Wall- a very cold-tolerant variety from China. The trees have a tall, pointed shape with good color. The fruit is tomato-shaped, sunset orange with thick, rich flavor. Fruit ripens late September through October. Zones 6-9. Self-Pollinating

Hachiya- bears fruit that is rated as one of the best in the world for flavor and quality. The fruit has a jelly-like consistency, sweet and spicy flavor and are probably the most popular astringent persimmon the market. The fruit is large, deep red that can weigh a pound or more. Ripens mid-October through late Nov.  Zones 7-9 'Hachiya' is mostly used for drying. It remains astringent until fully ripened and soft. Self-pollinating.

Saijo- fruits are oblong9 1 ½ -2 inches long x 1 inch diameter) orange and very sweet. Saijo persimmon trees are vigorous, upright growers that can grow to 20-25 feet. Fruit ripens mid-September through mid-October. Zones 7-9. It is one of the most popular astringent cultivars in Florida. Self-pollinating.

Tanenashi-trees are medium-sized (12 to 15 feet) vigorous growers that consistently produce a good crop of medium to large cone-shaped orange-red fruit. The flesh is yellow when ripe and has a dry texture, which some people prefer. Probably has the best name recognition of all astringents. Ripens from early October into November. Zones 7-9 Self-pollinating

Nikita’s Gift-a hybrid of Russian and American persimmons. Fruit is 2-3 inch reddish-orange and exceptionally sweet when ripe. Fruit ripens late October through November. Zones 6-9. Self-pollinating

Note: You will get fruit with only one self-fertile plant. However, adding an additional Persimmon Tree should drastically increase the size of your crop.

All varieties we grow are subject to change without notice.


CHECK BACK HERE FOR RECEIPES and BLOGS about persimmons in the near future.