RETAIL PRICE $18.00 (wholesale call me for details and pricing )

Instructions for PLACING ORDERS we will need 1/2 down; and the balance when you pick up the trees or when your order is ready to ship. (the deposit is non-refundable and tree balance must be paid for within 2 weeks of notice of tree arrival, we can only hold your trees for 30 days once notice is given, then your money and order will be forfeited)

INSTRUCTIONS how to place order:

Send your name, address, phone, and email to: with your order, when I get the order, I will prepare an invoice and send a bill through PayPal or call 850-391-2228 with order or send an order in the mail with your name, address, phone, and email to: to : 1911 McLeod Rd, Defuniak Springs, FL 32435 Payments accepted: cash, credit card, check & pay pal accepted

We have fruit trees in our nursery year-round, if we don't have what you are looking for, give us a call and we will be happy to see if we can locate the trees, you are looking for. (The potted plants in our nursery are not at the bare root prices; there is more variety to choose from on the potted plants but the prices are much higher.)

AVAILABLE BARE ROOT TREES LISTED BELOW, all orders are subject to availability when the suppliers start digging, in case of an unforeseen situation.


LSU Fig- Fruits July through 1st frost - Self-pollinating Zone 7-10

Texas Everbearing - Fruits May thru Aug - Self-pollinating - Zone 7-10

Brown Turkey - Fruits May thru Aug - Self-pollinating - Zones 7-10

Mission Fig - Fruits in summer- Sweet purple black fruit- Self-pollinating -Zones 7-10


Anna Apple - Green apple with red blush, low chill @250hrs, June/ July Harvest - pollinator Golden Dorsett/Tropic Sweet - Zone 6-9

Dorsett Apple - Gold apple with red blush, low chill @200hrs, June/July Harvest - pollinator Anna/Tropic Sweet Zone 5-9


American Persimmon - Fruits mid Sept-Feb – Self-pollinating - Zone 4-9

Fuyu Persimmon - Fruits Oct - Nov - Self-pollinating - Zone 7-11


Florida King - 500 hrs., Semi-clingstone, large with yellow flesh - May Harvest chill - Self Pollinating

FloridaGlo - 250-350 chill hours - Fruits late May to early June. Zone 9A to 9B - Self-pollinating - plant 2 for best results.

UF Gold - 200 chill hours – melting fruit


Santa Rosa Plum – Fruits late July - Self-pollinating - Zone 5-9 Sweet and juicy.

Methley Plum – Fruits May-July- Self-pollinating - Zone 5-9 Red/purple - Sweet and juicy.


Keiffer Pear - Fruits Sept-Oct - Self-pollinating - Zone 4-9 a cross between

a European and Chinese sand pear with large yellow hard fruit. crisp texture

 Pineapple Pear-Fruits Aug-Self-Pollinating-Zone 4-9 large, russet-colored hard fruit with a crisp pineapple flavor


Weeping willow – Zone 6-8 - full sun to part shade - deer tend to avoid.


October Glory – Zone 4 to 9 - Partial Shade - Full Sun – fall color orange & red.

Autumn Blaze – Zone 3 to 8 - Full Sun, Partial Sun – fall color red.

Red Sunset – Zone 4 to 8 - Full Sun, Partial Sun – fall color red.


Kwanzan – Zones 5 to 9 - Full Sun, Partial Sun – beautiful pink spring bloom





Stuart Pecan TYPE 1- Fruits Mid-October-pollinated by a type 2 pecan tree - Zones 6-10

Elliot Pecan TYPE 2 - Fruits Mid-October - pollinated by a type 2 pecan trees.Zones 6-9

Mahan Pecan TYPE 2- Fruits Mid to Late Season - Mid November - Self-pollinating -but would do well with a type 2 tree nearby - Zones 6-9

Pawnee Pecan TYPE 1 - Pollinates with a type 2 tree -Fruits Sept-Nov - Zone 6-10 - Full sun.


Red Delicious Apple - Fruits August - Pollinators: Granny Smith/Honeycrisp/Red Delicious - Zones 5-8

Gala Apple - Fruits Late June -Pollinators: Fuji/Golden Delicious- Arkansas black/ Fuji/Granny Smith/Winesap/Red delicious/Pink Lady/Honeycrisp- Zone5-9

Golden Delicious Apple- Fruits Sept-Oct - Self pollinating * but better

with Gala/Arkansas black/ Fuji/Granny Smith/Winesap/Red delicious/Pink Lady/Honeycrisp/ Zone 5-9

Granny Smith- Fruits mid to late Oct -Pollinators: Jonathan, Gala/Arkansas black/ Fuji/Granny Smith/Winesap/Red delicious/Pink lady/Honeycrisp - Zone 5-9

Arkansas Black Apple - Fruits Oct -Nov -Pollinators: Jonathon /Golden Delicious Zone 4-8

Fuji Apple - Fruits Mid Oct - Pollinators: Granny Smith/Golden Delicious- Zone 6-9

Honey Crisp Apple - Fruits Sept-Oct - Pollinators: Red Delicious /Golden Delicious - Zone 4-9

Jonagold Apple -Fruits Oct-Nov - Self-pollinating and can be enhanced with an Arkansas Black - Zone 4.8

Pink Lady Apple - Fruits Oct-Nov - Pollinators: Granny Smith/Golden Delicious - Zone 4-9

Winesap Apple - Fruits Mid Oct - Pollinators Golden Delicious /Jonathon

- Zone 5-8

Red Rome - Zone 4-8 – Self Pollinating- Fruit late Sept. Red Burgundy color


Blue Damson Plum – Fruits Aug-Sept- Self-pollinating- Zone 5-9 More tart

Burbank Plum – Fruits Mid July-Aug- partially self-pollinating but pollinates better with a Santa Rosa Plum Zone 5-9

Stanley Plum – Fruits Early Sept - self-pollinating Zone 5-7 (not for our zone 8 & 9)

Ozark Plum - Fruits late June - Pollinator: Santa Rosa , Methley Zone 5-9 Large plum - flesh of this plum is yellow, juicy and tart

Golden PlumSweet Golden plums, Showy spring blooms @450 chill hrs Pollinator: Methley/Au Rosa

Bruce PlumChickasaw/Japanese Hybrid, 400-500 hours. Toughest plum out there. Pollinator: Plant 2 Bruce


Ayers Pear - Fruits Late Aug-Sept -Self-pollinating, but does better with a Bartlett nearby - Zone 5 to 8 - sweet yellow pear with a red blush

Bartlett Pear - Fruits Aug-Sept - Pollinator: Moonglow Zone 5 to 8 - Yellow skin soft fruit

Moonglow Pear - Fruits July-Aug - Pollinator: Bartlett Pear/Orient - Zone 5 to 8 large pears with brownish-green skin. soft, juicy flesh

Shinko Asian Pear - Fruits Oct - Pollinator-Bartlett Pear, Moonglow Zone 5 to 9 brownish-green skin looks like an apple and is sweet

D’Anjou Pear - Sweet, brisk flavor - Fruits September -500-600 Chill Hour - Zones 5-9 Pollinator: Bartlett

Orient Pear - High disease resistant, Bears extra-large round yellow hard pears, late summer ripening- Pollinator: Bartlett/LaConte/Keiffer/Moonglow – Zone 5 to 9


Red Haven Peach - Fruits late June - Self-pollinating - Zone 5 to 8 – Chill hours 800

Hale Haven - Chill hours 800-900- freestone orange /yellow fruit- Self-pollinating- Best to plant 2 - Zone 5-8

Indian Blood Peach - Fruits March-April - Self-pollinating - Zone 6 to 8

Elberta Peach - Fruits July-Aug - Self Pollinating Zone 5 to 9

Belle of Georgia - Fruits late Aug - Self-pollinating Zone 5 to 8 - Chill hours 800

June Gold - Fruits June - Self-pollinating - Zone 5 to 9 - 450 chill hours



Thompson Seedless Green Grape – Zones 4 to 8self pollinating

Concord Seedless Black Grape - Zones 5 to 9 - Self-pollinating – 2 to 4 years to bear.

Flame Seedless Grape – Zone 7 to 10Self-pollinating – 2 to 4 years to bear.

Catawba Seedless Red Grape vitis labruscaSelf-pollinating – Zone 5 to 8 – 2 to 3 years to bear.

INSTRUCTION FOR PLANTING BARE ROOT: Plan to remove roots from packaging material and rehydrate. Soak them in a container for at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours. Trim off any kinked, or broken roots with a sharp tool.

ALL BARE ROOT TREES have NO GUARANTEE ( we can't be sure how it was planted or what kind of care was taken after planting ) Do your research and MAKE SURE the tree you are buying will grow in the ZONE that you are planting in, also be sure to do your research and determine if your tree needs a POLLINATOR so you will have fruit. We have pollination info listed beside each tree above. We sell to multiple areas, so not all listed will grow in your area.


Disclaimer: we don’t guarantee or replace trees once they leave our establishment.