Blackberry Arapaho

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The Arapaho is a fully erect and thornless blackberry. It ripens early to mid June. It is disease resistant. This plant grows approximately 5 to 8 feet high and spreads about 3 to 5 feet. The Arapaho is self-pollinating, It bears approximately 8 to 10 quarts per plant. It bears on a second year cane. I would suggest planting about 4  feet apart in rows about 10 feet apart. Prune and thin your blackberry plant in late winter or early spring. The berries are approximately 1 to 2 inch berries. The Arapaho was released in 1993 by the University of Arkansas. These berries have an excellent sweet flavor.

Botanical Name:  Rubus fruticosus' Arapaho'

Zones 5-9

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