Sand Leaf Cherry Prunus Cistena

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Purple Leaf Sand Cherry Prunus Cistena  Beautiful ornamental shrub with fragrant light pink to white flowers in Spring. Reddish purple leaves make this a standout plant in the landscape. Moderate to fast growth rate. 7′ to 10′ mature height. A beautiful flowering ornamental perfect for any landscape, the purple leaf sand cherry has striking purple foliage and beautiful flowers covering its branches in spring. Prune after flowering to achieve desired height and shape. It is a hybrid of Prunus cerasifera (purple leaf plum) and Prunus pumila (sand cherry). It stays a manageable 7-9′ in height, but can be pruned to stay smaller. Used as a single plant or in small groups, it can provide a spot of color in a landscape. Planted in a row, it makes an incredibly beautiful hedge. Full sun to part shade.

Zone 2 – 8         

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