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Mayhaws ,NATIVE crateagus opeca  AKA Mayhaw, Western Mayhaw, May Hawthorn, Riverflat Hawthorn, Applehaw a native plant of Florida that the ole timers use to make Mayhaw Jelly and Jam. It grows up to 70 ft. It likes low areas that have standing water most of the year, such as creek and river bottoms.

Zones 6-9.

( At this time we are ONLY SHIPPING 3 Gallon size plants or less, no large pots 5 gallon  plant size or higher unless prior arrangements have been made by calling 850-391-2228 )

We only ship to the continental USA no shipping to California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Our plants ship bare root or with minimal soil in a bag.  5 gallon pots or larger they must be picked up at the nursery ( or call for special shipping arrangements to see if we can ship to you ).

The picture is an example  and is not always the actual plant being shipped