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Elderberry Sambucus tree, Sambucus nigra,  a native tree,   It has clusters of white flowers and small black/blueberries. Many parts of the plant have been used medicinally. They are good for making juice, jam, pie, chutney and elderberry wine. Many people keep it around during cold and flu season.

• Sun: Full sun to part shade
• Soil: medium to wet, well-drained
• Size: 5-12 ft tall; 5-12 ft spread
• Butterflies and other insects are attracted to the blooms. Its fruits are eaten by mammals and many species of songbirds. It makes an excellent nesting site for birds and provides cover for quail and pheasants. Deer browse the leaves, twigs and fruit.
• Cooked berries are edible and can be used in pies, pancakes, and jellies; flowers and fruits used in winemaking, marmalade, yogurt, and desserts.
• Clusters of round, edible, purplish-black drupes display from June to August. Each berry is 1/4 inch across, contains 3-5 seeds and is borne in large drooping clusters.
• Elderberry forms large bushes on mostly sunny sites with medium-dry to medium-wet soils. Large clusters of fragrant white flowers attract pollinators. Edible berries ripen to a deep red-purple. Birds and mammals relish the fruit. Stems can die back but new shoots emerge from the root mass.

Sun: Full sun to part shade *   Soil: medium to wet, well-drained *    Size: 5-12 ft tall; 5-12 ft spread

Zone 3-8


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