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BUTTONBUSH  Cephalanthus occidentalis )NATIVE PLANT  buttonbush requires full sun to partial shade in moist to wet soils. This shrub thrives in low-lying areas .  In North and Central Florida it blooms in both spring and summer. Parts of this plant, particularly the leaves, are toxic.  Buttonbush is a deciduous shrub with an open-rounded habit that typically grows 6-12’ tall x 4-8′ wide. Long, projecting styles give the flower heads a distinctively pincushion-like appearance. It can handle wet soils, and even standing water. Native to most of the eastern, Midwest, and southern US, over to California.

Full sun to part shad

Zones 5 through 10

Go here for additional information:  https://gardeningsolutions.ifas.ufl.edu/plants/trees-and-shrubs/shrubs/buttonbush.html#:~:text=Characteristics,across%206%20to%208%20feet