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Paw Paw  Fruit Trees  Asimina triloba   NATIVE AKA Pawpaw, Common Pawpaw, Custard Apple, Indian Banana, Wild Banana They taste like custard. Native small understory tree multi-stemmed shrub, 10-25 ft. tall . Flavor and fleshy consistency of the sweet-flavored fruits resembles bananas. George Washington loved this fruit!  Although they have male and female blooms on each trees you will need two planted no less than 10 ft apart to get fruit. Sun , Part Shade , Shade 

The PAW PAW plant is one that has male and female flowers on the same plant and you wont know until the bloom what sex they are and they usually start fruiting in the 7th year.

Starting from seed, a pawpaw tree normally will begin flowering and fruiting in 4-8 years, depending on seed quality, suitability of the location, the care the tree receives, and its genetic makeup. A grafted tree can begin flowering in 2-3 years after planting.

Interesting facts

Partial sun, or partial shade, shade tolerant

SOIL: clay; sand; loam; acidic; slightly alkaline; occasionally wet; well-drained

Larval host:   Zebra Swallowtail, Pawpaw butterfly, Kite Swallowtail, Ajax Eurytides marcellus

Zones 5a to 8b

We only ship to the continental USA no shipping to California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Our plants ship bare root or with minimal soil in a bag.  5 gallon pots or larger they must be picked up at the nursery ( or call for special shipping arrangements to see if we can ship to you ).

The picture is an example  and is not always the actual plant being shipped