Crape Myrtle Double Feature ( DF ) by Carl Whitcomb

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Double Feature®Lagerstroemia indica 'WHIT IX' Plant Patent #23,559 is a semi-dwarf crape myrtle with a ruby red flower from the sterile and reblooming Play It Again® Collection It was introduced by Dr. Carl Whitcomb and has a high resistance to powdery mildew and leaf spot. It is a compact deciduous semi dwarf tree that naturally forms a rounded ball shape with a dense branching habit. Flowers are ruby red in small individual panicles, but each plant is covered with great numbers of panicles. The flowering and reblooming is the same as with Rhapsody in Pink® and without seed capsules.  This crape myrtle will bloom on the same branches without the need for pruning. This plant will be a pleasure to own and will require very little maintenance. It blooms in early summer until fall.

Height: 6-8 ft

Width: 5-7 ft.                                                                      

Growth rate: 10”-20” per year

Zone: 7-10

Sun: likes full sun


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