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RED MULBERRY TREE Morus rubra , a native plant, Sun: Full sun to part shade. Sun: Full sun to part shade. Soil: rich, moist, well-drained. Size: 35-50 ft tall; 35-40 ft spread The dark green leaves turn a golden yellow and often remain late into autumn. The Red mulberry can produce a lot of fruit, used by humans and wildlife. The deep purple fruits of the female tree are sweet and relished by wildlife. Fruits are sweet and blackberry-like and can be eaten fresh off the tree or used in jelly jam and wine. The fruit has a short shelf life so are not usually available in stores. Usually each tree will produce only male or female flowers, so plant several to give good chances of having at least one of each sex. 

Fruits are sweet and juicy and may be eaten off the tree.

Zones 4 to 8

We only ship to the continental USA no shipping to California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Our plants ship bare root or with minimal soil in a bag.  5 gallon pots or larger they must be picked up at the nursery ( or call for special shipping arrangements to see if we can ship to you ).

The picture is an example  and is not always the actual plant being shipped


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