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BRIGHTWELL BLUEBERRY  Vaccinium ashei 'Climax' is a Rabbiteye variety  that performs well in the south. It is self-pollinating but it will fruit better with another variety present.  The Brightwell Blueberry that ripens early to mid season. The Climax ripens a little before and the Tifton ripens a little bit after. 

Early to Mid Season

Nice size 3 gallon blueberry plants.

Pollinators: Climax, Premier, Tifblue, Powderblue

7-10 ft Tall

Medium Berries

Zone: 7-9

  Blueberries were prominent in folk  medicine and used as a preventative or flux and other abdominal problems. Native Americans used blueberry leaf  in medicinal teas thought to be good  for the blood. Blueberry juice was used to treat coughs. The blueberry is prized for its antioxidant health benefits and as a laxative as well as other folk remedies.  During WW II, bilberries, a relative of  the blueberry, were consumed by pilots to improve their night vision. Studies show that blueberries are high in bioflavonoids which are used by rods in the eyes for night vision. Blueberries rank as the number one fruit providing antioxidants. They are also high in iron. Fresh blueberries are at their prime  during the summer months and are available frozen or dried throughout the year. Blueberries add a splash of color as a garnish for many dishes. They are a prime ingredient in many desserts, bread, fruit or breakfast  dishes


We only ship to the continental USA no shipping to California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Our plants ship bare root or with minimal soil in a bag.  5 gallon pots or larger they must be picked up at the nursery ( or call for special shipping arrangements to see if we can ship to you ).

The picture is an example  and is not always the actual plant being shipped



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