Dynamite Crape Myrtle ( DY ) by Carl Whitcomb

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Dynamite Crape® Myrtle PP10296, Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit II,'

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Chosen as one of the "2002 Arkansas Select Plants"

The Dynamite®Crapemyrtle has a blast of true red blooms for you to enjoy. This is another one of Dr. Carl Whitcomb’s beautiful creations displaying true red in large clusters from mid-summer till fall. It is the first true red tree form crapemyrtle. In the fall the leaves give a nice fall color. It is a deciduous tree resistant to powdery mildew and loves full sun. (Clouds or shade will reduce red intensity and flecks of white may appear). The new growth is crimson, then green.  The Dynamite® is easy to grow and would make stunning addition to any landscape.

Height: 15-20ft                                                                         

Spread: 10-15ft

Sun: Full Sun

Growth Rate: Fast

Fall Color: Orange red

No shipment to the west coast, Alaska or Hawaii