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Black Satin blackberry  Rubus ‘Black Satin’  is a fast-growing deciduous plant that produces delicious glossy blackberries that are rich in healthy antioxidants. They are very nutritious and used to make sweet desserts, pies, jellies and jams with a unique flavor that you can enjoy in the summertime. The fruits grow in abundance through the Floricanes which are long stems of the plant in their second year of rapid growth. Annual Pruning of this plant will keep it looking healthy and fruitful. It blooms elegantly during the springtime and thrives in slightly acidic but moist soil properties with high levels of organic matter.

The Black Satin blackberry is a thornless blackberry. It is also heat tolerant and disease resistant. The nature of this plant makes it very easy for you to grow and care for. It is a perfect addition to your garden, yard or orchard. Order your plant today at Advanced Nursery Growers.

Zone 5-8


( At this time we are ONLY SHIPPING 3 Gallon size plants or less 850-391-2228 )

We only ship to the continental USA no shipping to California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Our plants ship bare root or with minimal soil in a bag.  5 gallon pots or larger they must be picked up at the nursery ( or call for special shipping arrangements to see if we can ship to you ).

The picture is an example  and is not always the actual plant being shipped

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